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Serving Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens

At Quality Care Physical Therapy® our intent is to provide the best care possible to all the communities around us (New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens). Physical Therapy is a very personal service and having a local provider is very important.

Our Goal… to help the members of our community to achieve their maximum wellness and functional potential through their lives.

The physical therapy we provide for New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens is based on the important principle – strive to offer the best care possible and the best service, all of the time.

A physical therapist is a licensed health care professional who examines and evaluates a patient’s condition and then plans and administers treatments to promote optimal health.

Physical therapists seek to relieve pain, improve the body’s movement and function, maintain cardiopulmonary function, restore, maintain and promote optimal physical function; and limit disabilities resulting from injury or disease.

Physical therapists take your health history, observe your posture and movement, evaluate your injury, and develop a plan of care. Treatment may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Patient/client education in health, wellness, and safety.
  2. Manual therapy, such as massage and mobilization and manipulation.
  3. Therapeutic exercise.
  4. Management of pain.
  5. Application of therapeutic modalities, such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation.
  6. Training in daily living activities.

Physical therapy treatment is designed to increase motion, heal pain, and most importantly RESTORE FUNCTION.

Quality Care Physical Therapy®, P.C. “The Back & Neck Pain Specialist” for Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens

Read what your neighbors have to say...

I seem to walk much better and have lost some weight. I always look forward to coming to my therapy sessions, I enjoy coming.

G. Clark

Physical Therapy is helping me get around better and I feel less pain in the knee.


Since I started therapy I have been feeling much better. Very comfortable and no pain. Thank God.

M. Innocent

Since I started therapy I feel much better, very little pain to speak of.


Therapy is working good, feeling better, everything is on schedule so far..